5 Signs Your Arlington Heights, IL Business Needs a New Rooftop HVAC

HVAC systems for businesses in Arlington Heights, IL, undergo tremendous wear and tear, keeping their respective buildings warm during the winter. With time, they eventually need to be replaced. Keep reading to learn five signs that your business needs a new rooftop HVAC system sooner rather than later.

1. Notable Malfunctions

If you notice that your building’s rooftop HVAC isn’t working quite right, it’s likely showing signs that it might be ready for a replacement. Clunking, rattling, grinding, or hissing sounds inside the machinery might happen due to broken or loose parts, and short cycling might cause random intervals of the system turning itself on and off. Overheating issues and faulty wiring hurt system efficiency and can be potential safety hazards.

2. Shifts in Humidity

Many rooftop HVAC systems don’t come with humidity controls. However, these are add-on options. If your system has these and they start failing, then the change in humidity in your establishment should be notable.

3. Utilities Going Up

Whether you have a restaurant HVAC system or a different kind of business in Arlington Heights, IL, you have utility bills every month. If those costs keep rising without warning or explanation, the system needs more power to do normal work. A replacement system can be just as much an investment as an expense.

4. Poor Air Quality

HVAC systems should fill your business with consistently clean air in all seasons, and temperature variations throughout your building might indicate that your system isn’t functioning optimally. An HVAC system that doesn’t receive regular maintenance might develop leaks that emit foul odors or even harmful chemicals and fumes. Carbon monoxide has no taste, color, or odor as a gas, but it seriously impacts the health of your employees and guests.

5. System Age

Look up the age of the system on your company’s roof. A typical installation with proper maintenance might last approximately 15 to 20 years. If your system is in that age range, consider scheduling a technician inspection to see how quickly a replacement might be necessary and learn more about your options.

Don’t ignore the warning signs your current rooftop commercial HVAC system may be exhibiting, or you might find your workplace uncomfortable. Your energy bills might increase and cost you money before you pay for a new system. Contact Universal HVAC Group, Inc. for all your commercial rooftop HVAC system needs.

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